Consulting And Compliance
Here are the alternative extensions of products not eligible for Advance License: Invalidation Letter, Advance Release Order, & Certificate of Supplies.
18 Jun
Trade Facilitation Measures: Simplifying Cross-Border Transactions

Trade facilitation measures cover everything from digitising data to cross-border transactions.

Supreme Court’s Final Judgment on Pre-Import Condition
10 Jun
Supreme Court’s Final Judgment on the Pre-Import Condition- Highlights and Major Impacts

The Supreme Court has recognised the viability of pre-import conditions under advance authorisation and has come up with it’s final judgement

Benefits of Free Trade Agreement in International Trade
1 Jun
Navigating Free Trade Agreements: Maximizing Benefits for International Trade

Free Trade Agreements enhance economic development, enable profitable networking and open doors to global trade.

Pre-Import Condition in Advance Authorisation- Detailed Guide and Latest Updates
27 May
What is Pre Import Condition in Advance Authorisation – Detailed Guide and Latest Updates

Pre-import condition is used to refer to a situation where any product that is imported via the Advance Authorisation Scheme is used in the production of final goods that are to be provided to the importers.

DGFT Amnesty Scheme - Procedure, Important Details, and Deadlines
20 May
DGFT Amnesty Scheme – Procedure, Important Details, and Deadlines

The Amnesty Scheme for one-time settlement of default in export obligation (EO) for Advance Authorization license holders and EPCG license holders have been introduced in the new FTP 2023.

Benefits and Incentives of SEZ Scheme
12 May
Understanding the Benefits and Incentives of SEZ Scheme

Special Economic Zones (SEZ) are the areas that are considered to be duty-free enclaves. The SEZ scheme was introduced in April 2000.

BRC Certification
3 May
What is BRC in DGFT? How to Get BRC from DGFT?

Bank Realisation Certificate, referred to as BRC is an important certificate that acts as proof of payments being received by the exporters after shipping their goods or products.

ACP scheme and old AEO program have been incorporated into the Three-tier certification for foreign trade business holders.
24 Apr
What Is AEO Program And How It Helps You As An Exporter

India has a Three-Tier AEO program. This Three-Tier AEO program consists of T1, T2, and T3.

The process of getting the Advance License is a bit complicated and it involves both DGFT and Custom authorities.
20 Apr
Advance License Redemption Procedure: Compliances to be Followed after taking an Advance License

An Advance License must be obtained from DGFT but you must also close it after completion of the export obligation and meeting all the compliances.

The new Foreign Trade Policy of India emphasizes the promotion of more and more e-commerce exports.
14 Apr
What Are The E-Commerce Promotion Initiatives Highlighted In India’s New Foreign Trade Policy?

The new foreign trade policy aims to utilize every trade opportunity effectively.