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Starting a new Import Export Business in India can be a challenging task, follow these steps to begin the business journey to International trade.

Importers and Exporters, come to the aid of the Gurus!

What makes us DGFT Guru?

Our team is well-equipped with experts willing to offer top-notch DGFT consultancy services. Highly trained professionals work systematically towards building a firm pillar to support and level up the aspirations of entrepreneurs, industrialists, exporters, and importers. We create incentivisation strategies that will indeed land in your benefit in an unprecedented way.

Our DGFT Consultants provide effective and exclusive services at an affordable cost. Our strategies are backed up by the formulations and implementation of foreign trade policies ensuring legal procedures. Be it export and import licensing, technicalities, terms, transactions, DGFT appeals and adjudication or anything else, you’ll always get a customised strategy to excel!

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With us, You can also make your DGFT Licensing process smooth and stressfree! Let us handle your DGFT matters so that you focus on the more important tasks.

Appeal & Adjudication cases of DGFT

Simplify the DGFT module for appeals, adjudications and review proceedings, work through us


Represent your policy relaxation appeals for EPCG Scheme with us and increase the probablity of your relaxation approval.

Policy Relaxation
Committee (PRC)

DGFT Guru helps you prepare your application, understand the
requirements of the PRC and represent your case
to get the policy exemption as per the need

Appeal to Regional Authority

Are you in dispute with DGFT? Let us understand your case and guide you through it

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30+ Years of

A wide pool of knowledge and experience for your endeavours

1000+ happy

Expert assistance and client satisfaction

7k+ successfully
solved cases

Can-do attitude and track record of success


A dedicated team of DGFT Consultants at your service


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