Consulting And Compliance
Here are the alternative extensions of products not eligible for Advance License: Invalidation Letter, Advance Release Order, & Certificate of Supplies.

DGFT Guru: Why Us?

The Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) establishes India’s import and export strategy. The DGFT Guru is India’s foremost export professional. When we started dealing with importers and exporters, DGFT wasn’t in place. As Chief Controller of Imports and Exports from 1985 to 1992, it impacted Delhi airports like Patparganj and IGI. As official DGFT Consultants and Liasoning Agents, we help exporters and importers in India achieve the incentives and benefits they are entitled to under the government’s Foreign Trade Policies and Schemes. Our services aren’t confined to one area; we’ve served clients across India from application to license. Complexity may arise. Our export advisors across sectors and industries understand foreign trade policy, customs procedures, and other issues. Experience brings skills and expertise. To increase your profits, we provide unique solutions. In addition to typical imports and export, we offer value-added services including sophisticated licenses and value-based certificates.

All we care about is making a difference in your business by applying what we know

At DGFT Guru, we take care of everything from educating you about your options to preparing applications and coordinating with various governmental organizations to help you reach your goals. We are, after all, here to help you grow your company.

An Exclusive Destination for all your DGFT needs

As one of India’s leading Import-Export Advisors and DGFT Consultants, we take great satisfaction in our accomplishments. Founded in 1985, we have completed 7000+ cases and built long-term partnerships with 1000+ clients in this sector. Since we’ve worked on a variety of instances, we’ve honed our talents and thought processes via practice and trial and error. Import Authorization for Restricted Goods, Export Authorization for Restricted Goods, IEC, Duty-Free credit under Promotional Schemes, Advance Authorization, Duty-Free import Authorization, and Fixation/Modification of Standard Input Output are just some of the areas in which we are confident in our ability to produce deceptive ideas and strategies. Our goal is to give great DGFT Consultancy Services to clients across India, and as a result, our extremely efficient Import Export Consultants are ready to do so.

We're the Import Export Consultancy Services Experts

DGFT Consulting’s many ideas and possibilities are well-known to us thanks to our more than three decades of expertise. As a result, our professionals are well-versed in the regulatory environment and government laws and procedures, as well as numerous government agencies’ responsibilities. With our practical wisdom, we can begin working on solutions from the very beginning. We should conduct our research and come up with realistic solutions rather than relying solely on the advice of others. We take into account the specifics of our client’s needs and further tailor our solutions to generate a profit. All around India, we have an experienced team of DGFT Consultants who can help you with your exports.