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DGFT has created an online EODC (Export Obligation Discharge Certificate) monitoring system to track the status of Advance and EPCG authorization applications. Exporters who wish to apply for EODC can do so through a website accessible at; once an EODC or Deficiency letter has been issued, the exporter can log in and view an updated status of their application.

The DGFT also announced the addition of a facility that allows exporters to check the status of their active EODC applications. Suppose exporters believe that their EODC applications are still unresolved with the RAs (Regional Authorities) but not in the system.

In that case, they can submit a query in the system, and the RAs will take the necessary steps to add these applications to the database. If an exporter has a question, RA will look into whether or not an application has been filed for EODC of EPGC or AA that has not yet been processed. There is some discretion on RA’s part regarding whether or not to accept the inquiry.

EPGC Redemption

The DGFT will ensure you’ve completed the mission (export obligation) it gave you through the EPCG License/ redemption procedure. If the government is providing substantial assistance in duty-free imports of capital goods, then it seems that they would like confirmation from the exporter as to whether or not they have done so.

EPCG Redemption refers to this method of tracking data. The EPCG holder must apply to the relevant DGFT office for closure or redemption of the EPCG License if they have met all of the requirements outlined in the EPCG program.

When DGFT provides a Redemption Letter after verifying your compliance, you know you’re done with your part. Please note that we have not permanently revoked your license due to this redemption letter.

EPCG Redemption Process

  • The holder of an EPCG authorization must submit a redemption application to the RA DGFT after the export obligation has been fulfilled, along with any necessary supporting papers.
  • If the applicant has fulfilled the requirement, they may seek redemption even before completion of the EO duration (i.e., six years).
  • Depending on the export type, the exporter must keep documentation of the Bill of Export or shipping bills, i.e., Indirect, Third-Party, and Deemed Export Using e-BRC.
  • Only when EPCG License information is included on a shipping bill that contains details of an Advance Authorization, DFIA, MEIS, or other reward schemes will the shipment be considered to have fulfilled the EO.
  • In addition, according to Policy Circular No. 7, an Affidavit can be submitted for Shipping Bills that contain the Drawback scheme but were not correctly filed under EPCG.
  • The EPCG system does not take into account freight-free shipment invoices.
  • Direct export, third-party export, export through a Group Company, and presumed export are all acceptable methods of satisfying the Export Obligation.

EODC Online of Advance Authorization

Following satisfaction of the Export Obligation, the exporter must provide the DGFT with all necessary documentation for EODC of the Advance License.

The exporter may not sell or dispose of the raw materials until the Advance License has been redeemed. Shipping Bill/Bill of Export, E-BRC, and Advance License are the bare minimum paperwork needed to close an Advance License or redeem an existing one.

If the DGFT receives the proper paperwork for EODC of an Advance License, they will do so by issuing a Redemption/Closure letter. This effectively absolves you of all further export responsibility.

Advance License Redemption process

This section will explain the Advance Authorization Closing Process in detail.

  • The Authorization Holder must visit the DGFT’s official website and click the services tab at the top of the page.
  • Once you select the DFIA/Advance Authorization button, you’ll be taken to a new page.
  • A login window will open when you click the Cancel Advance Authorization button.
  • To continue with the program, enter the user credentials and select the login button.
  • The Authorization holder can easily craft a license termination application by including references to the files in the Repositories.
  • Even though the Shipment bills or bill of Entries would be synced up with the closure application automatically, any further information needed can be supplied before the application is finally sent in.
  • Fill out the application, make the payment, and send it in to be processed.

After making the necessary payments, you should turn in your Redemption applications to the appropriate DGFT office. The regional authority of the DGFT will provide the EODC (Export Obligation Discharge Certificate)/ Redemption Letter to the Authorization holder after verifying the application for closure is complete in all respects.

You don’t have to provide hard copies of your completed forms and supporting papers to DGFT. It is necessary to submit documents to DGFT with the authorized Chief of the RA only in cases of serious difficulty. The online module must be used for subsequent communication, clarification, deficiency letter, or redemption.

How to Apply for an EODC ( Export Obligation Discharge Certificate) from the Directorate General of Foreign Trade

  • The export authorization holder must provide the required documentation with the application in ANF 5 B.
  • If all conditions are met, the relevant RA will issue a certificate of discharge of the export obligation to the EPCG license/ Advance License holder and provide a copy to the customs authority with whom the BG/LUT has been performed.
  • RA is responsible for processing these requests as soon as possible and no later than 30 days. 
  • Any problems will be highlighted all at once. Following this, all future correspondence must be limited to addressing these specific shortcomings. 
  • No more than 15 days after the last piece of correspondence, if any, you will receive a new one. 
  • EO will be released after 30 days after receiving the necessary paperwork.
  • The issuing of the final discharge certificate or the rejection of the request must be done within 90 days of the initial request being received. 
  • If an application has not been processed after 90 days, the applicant must notify the DGFT.

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Check EODC status through It was created so that people can keep tabs on EODC applications’ status for Advance and EPCG licenses. Choose the submitted option from my dashboard and select Advance Authorization as the scheme type (AA). Choose “View approved Letters” from the “Actions” drop-down menu to view the status.

To apply for EODC online, go to the DGFT Website. Next, sign in to the DGFT System. Enter Required Information and Verify Pre-Populated Fields. Click the Export Menu and the “Redemption Matrix Tab.” Click on the Attachment Tab.

DGFT issues the EODC. DGFT developed this EODC Tracking System for Advance/EPCG license. The DGFT (Directorate General of Foreign Trade) has established an online EODC monitoring system to track the status of applications for Advance and EPCG licenses. This news was announced on April 10 in New Delhi. 

In the case of EODC/Redemption of Advance & EPCG license, the Authorization holder’s Liability is released only upon his redemption of the Authorization. In other words, he provides DGFT with documentation showing that he has exported goods and received payment for them, and DGFT issues him an Export Obligation Discharge Certificate.

If the applicant clicks the Summary tab, they can review all the information they have entered into the application and even save it as a PDF. Select the Sign option to sign the application with a digital token or Aadhaar. You can pay online for EODC. Make your payment in the manner of your choice. The license redemption/closure request will be denied if the required fee is not paid.

EODC’s full form is the Export Obligation Discharge Certificate ( EODC). EODC online allows exporters to check the progress of their requests for an Export Obligation Discharge Certificate regarding Advance Authorizations or EPCG license.