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SCOMET Export License

Special Chemicals, Organisms, Materials, Equipment, and Technologies (or SCOMET for short) are a broad category of technological innovations and materials. Products manufactured by SCOMET include civilian and military applications. Items that do not qualify for export under the SCOMET list must comply with the FTP established in India. Shipping SCOMET commodities overseas necessitates the exporter to obtain a SCOMET License from the Directorate General of Foreign Trade.

Categories of SCOMET Items

To better serve customers, SCOMET has broken products down into eight distinct categories.

Category 0: Materials and technologies connected to nuclear energy.

Category 1: Chemicals and other toxic substances.

Category 2: Microorganisms and poisons.

Category 3: Material, material-making devices, and material-related tech.

Category 4: Machines and equipment related to nuclear technology, including test and production equipment, nuclear assemblies and components, and related technology that is not included in Classification 0.

Category 5: Aerospace systems and equipment, including production and test equipment, allied technologies, and custom-designed components.

Category 6: Weapons Inventory

Category 7: Electronics, computers, and information technology (including data security).

Category 8: Special Materials and Related Types of Equipment, including but not limited to: Computing, Electronics, Information Security, Material Processing, Telecommunications, Lasers, Sensors, Marine, Avionics, Aerospace Navigation, and Propulsion.

It’s important to keep in mind that there’s a detailed list of products included in each category, as well as a set of unique requirements for each. All the information you need on SCOMET items may be found in Appendix 3 of Schedule 2 of the ITC (HS), and you can also use the DGFT website for further reading.

Goods from SCOMET to be Exported to an Exhibition

Export licenses for SCOMET List items (other than Category 0,1, and 2) for the sole purpose of show or exhibition do not require endues or end-user certifications. To reiterate, no export permission will be provided for the display of ‘Technology’ in Categories 0, 1, or 2.

SCOMET items exported for international exhibition must be returned within six months of the expiration of their SCOMET Export License. If the exhibitor plans on selling the item overseas during the show, the SCOMET Export License must be applied for by the trader. No one is allowed to sell SCOMET items without the proper SCOMET License.

Exporting SCOMET Items from the DTA to the SEZ

It is not necessary to obtain permission to Export SCOMET items from the DTA to the SEZ. However, suppliers are obligated to notify the Development Commissioner of the SEZ in which they shipped SCOMET items from the Domestic Tariff Area.

Items Manufactured in the SCOMET Economic Zone May Be Exported to Any Country

Any goods leaving a SCOMET zone in India must have an approved SCOMET Export License before they may leave the country.

License Granting Body

Category 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, and 8 items on the SCOMET list require a SCOMET Export License, which is issued by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade.

Department of Atomic Energy is the licensing body for Category 0 goods

Items under Category 6 of the SCOMET list require a license to be exported, which can be obtained from the Department of Defence Production within the Ministry of Defence.

SCOMET Export License Eligibility

The SCOMET Export License is valid for 24 months, with a possible extension of six months up to one year granted by the DGFT regional office with the consent of DGFT Headquarters.

Documents required for SCOMET License

The following items must be uploaded while applying for SCOMET License:

  • Obtain an End User Certificate (EUC) from each company involved in the supply chain. (the applicant must supply EUC on letterhead with the authorized signatory’s signature attached.)
  • Products’ supply chain-related purchase orders
  • Form 1 of the Aayat Niryat
  • Specifications of the Export Item in Great Detail
  • Paperwork for a Supply Agreement (If there is a lot of paperwork, you only need to supply the relevant section, which includes the contract reference and the parties involved in the contract).
  • Letter of authorization from the DGFT to purchase SCOMET products.

The DGFT Headquarters requires hard copies of the following materials

The DGFT Headquarters requires hard copies of the following materials.

  • Certificate for End Use by the End User (EUC) 
  • Shipped SCOMET goods over the past year’s worth of Bills of Entry from the receiving country.
  • Detailed description of the End User Certificate’s Preferred File Format (EUC)

An exporter must follow the guidelines outlined in the Handbook of Procedures for preparing a EUC, which vary depending on the nature of the product and the scope of the SCOMET Export License.

  • Appendix 2S, (i): SCOMET Exports in Categories 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, and 8
  • Appendix- 2S (ii): To obtain a SCOMET Export License for Category 1 SCOMET articles.
  • (Appendix-2S, (iii)): The export of any SCOMET items requires a “Stock and Sale” permission.
  • Certificate of Origin from Overseas Purchaser if End User is not the same as the purchaser.
  • If the consignee is not the same as the end-user and international purchaser, an End-User Certificate must be provided.
  • Certificate of Use from Other Intermediaries (EUC) if Exists
  • All three parties—international purchasers, consignees, and end users—should be able to see the items’ natural progression through the EUC.

The process to obtain SCOMET License

  • Go to the DGFT website and register with them.
  • Choose the ECOM option under the “Services” menu.
  • Choose the SCOMET License Application Module on the new page (ECOM application module).
  • Keep an eye out for a dialog box to pop up. The 20-digit ECOM Reference number must appear in the message field.
  • To continue, select the Ok button.
  • Give information about your company, shipments, the reason for exporting, etc.
  • Select the appropriate Regional Jurisdictional Authority from the menu.
  • Complete the Export section by including the SCOMET category, ITC (HS) code, SCOMET Item Number, and item description for the relevant shipments.

It is important to mark the “Repeated Basis” box and display the file number, license number, amount permitted for exportation, and several items exported if you have previously used the same item for exportation in the same year with the same end-use. Following the submission of the aforementioned information for the SCOMET License, the applicant must also provide the following information on the international purchaser and the international consignee:

Next, supply the International Bank Account Number, SWIFT Code, IFSC Code, and Bank Details, including the bank address of the recipient country.

Then, exporters will need to click the SCOMET declaration button and enter information such as their name, official address, and contact number.

The next step is to send in the required paperwork for the SCOMET License.

Following receipt of a complete application, the Inter-Ministerial Working Group (IMWG) will review each request for the export of SCOMET goods based on their merits.

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According to international accords for strategic reasons, the export and import of special chemicals, organisms, materials, equipment, and technologies (SCOMET) from India requires a SCOMET license issued for this purpose.

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Items classified as SCOMETs can serve both civilian and military purposes; the term stands for “Special Chemicals, Organisms, Materials, Equipment, and Technologies.” Items on the SCOMET list are subject to export controls under India’s Foreign Trade Policy and require a Scomet certificate.

An exporter must apply for the required Aayat Niryat Form (ANF 2E and ANF 1) and the prescribed papers to DGFT (Headquarters), Udyog Bhawan, New Delhi, for a license for the export of SCOMET products. The DGFT’s website,, is where you may get your scomet certificate online.

Schedule 2, Appendix 3 of the Indian Trade Clarification has the SCOMET list. By the control lists of multilateral export control regimes and international conventions, SCOMET focuses on regulating the export of dual-use commodities and armaments.

The following are the prerequisites for applying for SCOMET authorization:

You need to associate an IEC with your user profile. Any legitimate DSC must first be entered into the system. Visit My Dashboard > View and Register Digital Signature Token to double-check.

The approved SCOMET authorizations can be obtained by following the instructions below. My Application History in the Control Panel. The Scheme Type (SCOMET) and Subscheme Type (both optional) must be entered (Issuance of SCOMETs Authorisation) Go ahead and use the Search button. Select Step (Below the Search Results) > See a List of Valid Licenses > Have a look at the Letter.

The procedure to get scomet approval in India is as follows:

Visit the DGFT main page ( System for Managing Exports of Services Permission to ship SCOMET overseas. File an Application for Export Authorization of a SCOMET Item, Software/Technology (ANF 2O(A)). Please submit a request for further permissions.