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Revalidation of Advance License- A complete Guide

The DGFT will grant an exporter an Advance License if they need to bring duty-free raw materials or components. By obtaining an Advance License, exporters can bring in materials duty-free. If you intend to apply for an Advanced License, you should first ensure that you meet the prerequisites and other requirements.

There is a wide variety of options for applying for an Advance License. Standard Input and Output Norms can assist an exporter in getting an Advance License (SION). The Norms Committee will also consider applications for Advance Licenses based on self-declared standards.

In addition, the entity can obtain the license through a process that is wholly self-declaratory and self-ratifying. Alternatively, you can utilize the Standards Committee-created norms that are applicant-specific to be fixed beforehand.

India’s government has implemented the Advance License Scheme to increase the value of exports. The plan’s primary goal was to improve the product so that its price would rise, which would be good for business.

How does an Exporter revalidate an Advance License?

Revalidation of an Advance License is recommended after 12 months from the date of authorization, as outlined below:

  • Any pre-2020 August 15th advance authorizations may be renewed for an additional six months.
  • Any preauthorizations issued on or after August 15, 2020, can be renewed for an additional 12 months.
  • The revalidation process under ANF-4D is available online. DGFT’s website has more information about the process as a whole. Make sure every part of your application is filled out.
  • Under the Duty Exemption Scheme, an exporter is granted a new Advance License. The exporter must submit the application form and the necessary information and paperwork.

Required documents to revalidate an Advance License

Keep all your supporting documentation for the Advance License in one convenient location to avoid delays or confusion when applying for the license. You can perform the procedure more quickly and effectively if you do it this way. An exporter needs a certain set of paperwork to revalidate an Advance License. The following are the papers:

  • The exporter must self-attest their cover letter.
  • An Advanced License Copy.
  • Exported Goods and Imported Goods Statement.
  • Include an ANF-4D application, and make sure the applicant signs it.
  • The receipt of the application fee.

How much does the revalidation application for an Advance License cost?

The exporter must submit a revalidation application together with Rs. 500 costs. The exporter has eighteen months from the day the license was issued to complete the export. After receiving the necessary permissions, he or she will be in a position to begin the export procedure.

Need to Revalidate your Advanced License?

The scheme may permit the importation of inputs utilized in the production of the export product. You can count on DGFT Guru to help you determine if you qualify for AA and then navigate the application process. The many procedures or standards that must be met to get the AA are discussed. In addition, after the approval is given, the Clients are given instructions on the requirements and compliance that must be met. When the export requirement has been met, Customs will issue a Redemption Letter and release the Bond/BG.

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To amend advance authorization, click on Services > DFIA/Advance Authorization > DFIA Amendment • In the case of a new application, the applicant must choose “Authorization for Amendment.” To apply for something, you must fill out an application, pay any associated fees, and send it in.

The Regional Authority shall issue an Invalidation of the advance authorization Letter if a domestic supplier plans to get duty-free material for inputs through an Advance Authorization and then supply the resulting product to a different Advance Authorization, DFIA, or EPCG Authorization.

To amend the advance authorization online, follow the step below:

First, head to your account settings and find the Advance Authorization section. Select “New Application” from the option to begin a new installation. In the second stage, the system will present an authorization list; you’ll need to pick a license number before moving further. The user will be led to the Authorization Information screen automatically. In the last stage, the user double-checks all the information.

The given Advance Authorization will be in actual user condition, as will the imported materials. This means that only the end user alone may legally import these items. The authorization cannot be transferred even when the export obligation has been fulfilled.

Advance License Revalidation/EOP Extension. Import Advance authorization has a 12-month validity term beginning when the authorization was issued. There is a single six-month revalidation of the Advance Authorization window available. Authorization revalidation requests must be submitted through ANF-4D.

The Authorization holder is only released from his responsibility when he redeems the Authorization. Specifically, he provides DGFT with documentation showing that he has exported goods and received payment for them. DGFT issued him an Export Obligation Discharge Certificate, called the redemption of advance license.

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