Transferable Licenses and Actual User Licenses

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Actual User Licenses are those licenses in which Imports are done by the Exporter itself and it cannot be sold to any Importer. These licenses cannot be transferred. All pre-import conditioned licenses fall under this category such as Advance License, EPCG License, Export or Import License, DFIA in some cases, SCOMET Licenses and Export House Certificate.

Transferrable Licenses itself describes those licenses that can be transferred to anyone. Licenses which fall under this category are MEIS, SEIS, RoSCTL, RoDTEP, Post Export EPCG and DFIA.

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Whenever a pre-import conditioned license is issued, it is supposed to be redeemed or surrendered (if unutilized). Pre-Import condition means when the goods are imported first with the benefit of cust